Intrernational Post-Graduate

This program is for international graduates who have a graduate degree in the sciences from an eligible B.C. institution and would like to reside in B.C.

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for this category, you must have the following :

  • a master’s or doctoral degree received within the past three years from an eligible program at a post-secondary institution in B.C.

Your graduate degree (master’s or doctorate) must be in one of the following programs of study in the natural, applied or health sciences:

– agriculture, agriculture operations and related sciences

– biological and biomedical sciences

– computer and information sciences and support services

– engineering

– engineering technology and engineering-related fields

– health professions and related programs

– mathematics and statistics

– natural resources conservation

– physical sciences

  • ability and intent to live and work in B.C.

Evidence of this may include:

– the length of any previous and/or current period of residence in B.C.

– your connections to B.C. through work, study or family

– a description of any actions you’ve taken to permanently settle in B.C., such as finding a job or place to live

– current employment in B.C.

– employment search details (prospective employers, applications, networking efforts, business development, etc.)

– community involvement

– ability to financially support yourself in B.C.

– your plan to obtain or maintain legal authorization to work in B.C.

If you wish to apply through this program, please fill out our evaluation form. We will contact you shortly.

How can we help you?

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