Alberta Self-Employed Farmer Stream

This stream is for entrepreneurs who have the financial resources and farm management experience to establish a new or purchase an existing farm in Alberta.

Candidates must submit their application, along with a proposed business plan, to the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) for assessment. 

The AINP will consult with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry to ensure the business plan is feasible and viable, and meets the needs of Alberta’s agriculture industry.

Eligibility Requirements 

To be eligible for this stream, candidates must meet the following criterion at the time their application is mailed to the AINP and at the time of assessment by the AINP.

  • Farm management skills: 

Candidates must prove that they have farm management skills.

Proof of this may include, but is not limited to:

– financial documentation of an existing farm business

– documentation of education, training and work experience

– a proposed business plan for the farming enterprise you are considering in Alberta

– proof that a Canadian financial institution is willing to finance your proposed farming business

  • Sufficient financial resources: 

Candidates must be able to invest a minimum of CDN $500,000 of equity in a primary production farming business in Alberta.

Documents must be provided that show a minimum net worth of CDN $500,000, or confirmation of the ability to access a similar amount of funds from other sources.

Candidates may be required to show the ability to invest more than the minimum.

  • Primary production investment: 

Candidates must document their investment plans in a proposed business plan and submit this with their application to the AINP. 

The proposed business plan will be reviewed by Alberta Agriculture and Forestry to ensure the farming operation aligns with Alberta farming industry requirements.

Applications representing the best opportunity for growth relevant to Alberta’s agri-food targets will be given priority.

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